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ABOUT Agathos Foundation

Agathos Foundation, non-profit charity organization.

Agathos is a registered non governmental charity organization with an objective to support the elderly people, widows and the youths all over Nigeria and Africa.

Our mission is to help improve the quality of life for them by being there when they need a helping hand, showing care in their time of need and supporting them through challenges they may face.

We are committed to realizing the rights of all youths to help them build a strong foundation and have the best chance of fulfilling their potential.

It is our duty call to eradicate the limitations facing the African people via our threefold focus on health, education, and poverty. Our team is dedicated with an eager heart of service to spread wellness, literacy, and supplies far and wide, through diverse schemes, campaigns, donations, and opportunities, to see that Africa evolves into all it can be.

We believe that lying in the souls of youths, women, and men scattered across Africa are enormous and unutilized potentials, curbed by several factors with poverty and illiteracy at the hem of them all.

our mission

Agathos Foundation work together with our partners in improving the quality of life of marginalised people globally.

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Please note there is no funding limit, we are guided by our investment income and the quality of proposals received

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Help & support

We are a Christian charity; faith based but not faith biased. We work with organisations which support people of all faiths and none.

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what we fund

Our funding decisions will be guided by the criteria laid out by Mrs Agathos Foundation.

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